About Us

I've been making jewelry for years and picked it up again one afternoon when I had a quiet moment to myself. It energized my soul in a way that I hadn't felt in a long time. As a stay at home Mom, and maybe a recovering workaholic/people pleaser, this little business has given me new life. This is simply a joy FOR ME, something that makes me feel like ME. That's really liberating!

I was inspired to take this interest to an online platform because I wanted to share something I was passionate about with others. So here we are! 

These designs are inspired by positive vibes. They're also inspired by the women in my life, those that work tirelessly and still have time to produce beautiful things; a meal, a funny article, a beautiful photo...their talents are endless.

My pieces are versatile, light, fun, and meant to bring a little piece of beauty into your wardrobe. Perfect for brunch, date night, or a keepsake for a special someone, these pieces come from the heart. My heart. I look forward to sharing more with you as I continue on the Boho North journey! Thank you for your love and support. 

- Kaye, Designer & Owner