How big are your earrings?

  • Our earrings are bold pieces but not overtly big. I plan to have them modeled soon!  For now, know that all dangley earrings on average are about 2-3 inches unless otherwise noted. My goal is to always source material that is light weight so it doesn't pull the ear lobe down! Almost all of the items are light weight and breezy unless they are made with more metals (i.e. the Arlo style). 

How big are the beads in your earrings or bracelets?

Here is a sizing example to help:

How To Understand Bead Sizes


What are clay earrings?

  • Clay earrings are special. They take a good amount of time to make and must be conditioned, cured, and sanded before they are available for purchase. Each piece is unique and no two are the same. Polymer clay is extremely lightweight, durable, and easy to clean of debris. They are collection pieces and are truly unique! They sell out quick so plan to check back regularly for new releases and restocks! All earrings posts and hooks are made with surgical steel or stainless steel unless otherwise noted.

What is a featured item?

  • I offer featured items to gauge interest in what people are liking! Some items may turn into regular items on the site and some may be seasonal. It's all what people respond to!

What can I expect from a clay earring?

  • Before purchasing, please know all my earrings are handmade and may have slight imperfections. I am not a robot friends! I am a perfectionist by nature and make every effort to eliminate any bubbles or flaws. Because they are handmade it is nearly impossible to prevent some of these imperfections. I never send out earrings with blatant imperfections, but its important to know that handmade means understanding the above. I'm proud of my work, slight imperfections and all. My work is my art, if you like pieces that are unique, made from the heart, then you are in the right place.

The item I want is out of stock, when will it be available?

  • I want you to have that boho pretty! I am working hard to restock items that sell out quick. Some items will be on regular rotation and others will be seasonal. I will try to restock items that my followers show a high demand for. I will periodically post any information on items that are out of stock or restock to my Instagram. I will also release periodic sales and seasonal items. Please note I am a team of one and everything is handmade.Thank you for your patience and support!

I'm having issues with purchasing my item

  • Sometimes there are bumps in the road with e-commerce business, and I sincerely appreciate your patience. Please email me so I can try to get your issue addressed: bohohonorth@gmail.com

How do I know what size bracelet to purchase?

  • Measure your wrist and review the product description to ensure you've ordered the size you want. If the sizes don't work for you, please email me bohobohonorth@gmail.com

What are the shipping costs to my area?

  • Shipping costs vary by location and are calculated at checkout. Right now I only ship within the USA and Canada but plan to ship internationally in the future. I aim to provide the most cost efficient shipping options possible. 

What are your materials made of?

  • I source materials from a variety of trusted wholesale vendors. Based on availability and pricing, some materials are man made and others are not. Some materials are imported and some are not. I do try and purchase materials that are attractive, cost point friendly, lightweight, hypoallergenic and all natural where possible. If you have any specific questions related to product material, please feel free to reach out: bohobohonorth@gmail.com.

How do I keep my item in good condition?

  • Jewelry by nature is delicate, to keep the color and quality of the beads, stones, clay, and findings (connecting pieces) intact, handle them gently and keep them dry. Clay pieces can be cleaned with a baby wipe and should be kept in a hanging position or in a jewelry container or box. Lava stone is porous so plan to give it a scrub with a toothbrush and hot soapy water (avoiding getting any metals wet, where applicable). 

My item broke, what do I do?

  • Please review our refund policy. If your question is not answered there, please email us at: bohobohonorth@gmail.com

Where do I find your policies about shipping, refunds, terms of service, or privacy? 

  • All policies are listed in the bottom section of the website on the home page. These may be updated periodically so please make sure to review them. Thanks!

I'm having trouble with a feature on your website, what do I do?

  • Let me know ASAP so I can get it fixed for you! Thanks! bohohonorth@gmail.com